Slight visual issues.
I have to say even though I haven't gotten to play with anyone yet I'm really loving the look and feel of the game but I've noticed a few slight visual issues.

1, When I first logged into the game I turned up the anti-aliasing to maximum because I wanted to see how good it can look and when I saved the changes the loading screen was flipped upside and was bright blue and green, I managed to fix this by reverting the changes back to default and I haven't been able to repeat the bug.

2, In the character loadout under fuselage option the jacket's sleeves stand straight out like it might in a ragdoll position, however in the game the arms are perfectly in the jacket so this isn't anything major.

3, I managed to clip my camera through the walls a few times by running against the wall and sharply turning against it. The problem was fixed as soon as I moved a few feet from the wall but I thought I might as well bring it up.

4, I have no idea how I managed to do this but when I returned to my loadout my screen was set pretty high up as I was looking down at my character. There are no buttons or menus I can access like this and it seems the only way to close the game would be by closing the game as a whole.
(Screen shot of number four)
Wow, those are some new ones. Please let me know your hardware specs.

1. This might be a bug with post effects. Disable them along with FXAA if this happens again.

2. Fixed just now. It'll be in the next build.

3. Yeah, the game needs better camera collision. It's coming soon.

4. Possibly fixed with number 2, but I can't reproduce it.

Thanks very much!
Not a problem! I'm glad I could have brought these up, my girlfriend and I are enjoying the game although it's definitively better with more people, I can't wait for full release.