Suggestion Re: Supply Pickups
Just acquired this game today and I have to say it's one of the most fun online multiplayer games I've played recently! One quibble I have with how it works though is the rate at which the primary ammo runs out versus the difficulty of acquiring more. It's rather disheartening to be running around completely dry, having to rely on the (rightly) small counts of secondary weapon ammo until one of the magenta kites finally gives up some ammo. I assume it's a 1/3 chance for each of the supply possibilities, correct? That low a random chance gives a pretty good probability of being without your primary for an extended period.

I would suggest changing it to either three different supply pickups (which, admittedly, would be a bit complicated), or to a singly supply pickup that always slightly fills all three aspects of the plane, or to a pickup that always fills the lowest of the three aspects.

Regardless, thanks for making such a cool game!
The supply provided is actually based on which you need the most, not simply a 1/3rd chance. Health is prioritized, then ammo, then fuel. The threshold is around 25% for each. If they are all above 25% then it is random.

Try holding out a bit longer before resupplying.

Glad you enjoy the game!
Ah, thanks! That at least makes much more sense than full-on randomness. In that case, I respectfully change my suggestion to adding that info to the guide on the game's homepage Smile