Early Access Info
This information is outdated. Please see the STORE PAGE Early Access section for more info.



May 15th is the goal for the first Early Access release. Games undergo a lengthy approval process before going live, so there is a chance this date will not be met, but it should be close. The game will be 14.99 USD, but I am considering one of the following release deals:

One-day release deal of 9.99 USD.


One-week release deal of 11.99 USD.

Prices will be adjusted per-region. Please discuss which deal you prefer.



This is a stable beta and is function-complete, though not quite feature-complete. Two official maps are included, but one is a prototype and does not feature final art. In addition, only a handful of character customization options are implemented. All missing features will be added during the beta.

Gameplay is all present, but may need balancing. The map editor is fully-functional. As an early-adopter, you are expected to use it and help the map-sharing community grow.

And finally: Ultimately there will be a PC and Mac release. The Mac release will probably NOT be included in the first early access version. It will be added soon after, but Valve has strict Mac requirements that require me to purchase more hardware.

A demo is also coming, but will not initially be available during early access.

i would go for the 9.99$ price on release, but you might prefer a full week discount to get more attention ;
will there be a multiple-copies-deal, and will it be affected by the said discount?
I cannot wait for the early access to come out and I am sure I will be buying it. I've watched the trailer at least three times a week since the game was first up on greenlight, I've also shared the game around numerous times in hopes of garnering a few extra fans before launch because I am a strong believer in small business and independent studios.

Now on to the important questions.

1, Would I be correct in assuming the early access version will include the full version game when it is released? You know what they say about assuming.

2, Will the sound effects used in the trailer be present in the final project? Due to the recent recall of a game from greenlight due to low quality it's a bit of concern since I was so captivated with the trailer.

3, Would it be possible for some more enterprising players to create and implement their own assets into maps such as their own textures, objects, and character modifications?

4, A bit more of a request and a suggestion. As someone who isn't always available to log into steam due to personal time constraints, meaning I've forgotten things were on sale that day or was out with my friends, I'm sure there would be much more publicity and potential backers if you decide to go with the one week release. I would certainly shrug off an extra two dollars to make sure I remember.

5, Another smalls suggestion. It would probably be for the best to include details about the early access on the youtube trailer to catch a few more eyes.

I hope the game can make me smile as much as the trailer did.
1. Yes, of course. Purchasing early access is the same as purchasing the game early. You will have the full version on release.

2. All the trailer sound effects and music are real and in-game. You haven't heard a fraction of it.

3. Perhaps one day, but for now the map editor will be the focus of community development.

4. I think people are right about this. I'll do the week-long deal.

5. I'll make a little trailer announcing the release.
I have to say I just can't wait to get my hands on this, hopefully my group of friends will be able to buy it while it's up for early access because they all seemed pretty enthusiastic from the art style and mis-matched but hilarious sound effects. Why can't time fly sooner?

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