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May 15th is the goal for the first Early Access release. Games undergo a lengthy approval process before going live, so there is a chance this date will not be met, but it should be close. The game will be 14.99 USD, but I am considering one of the following release deals:

One-day release deal of 9.99 USD.


One-week release deal of 11.99 USD.

Prices will be adjusted per-region. Please discuss which deal you prefer.



This is a stable beta and is function-complete, though not quite feature-complete. Two official maps are included, but one is a prototype and does not feature final art. In addition, only a handful of character customization options are implemented. All missing features will be added during the beta.

Gameplay is all present, but may need balancing. The map editor is fully-functional. As an early-adopter, you are expected to use it and help the map-sharing community grow.

And finally: Ultimately there will be a PC and Mac release. The Mac release will probably NOT be included in the first early access version. It will be added soon after, but Valve has strict Mac requirements that require me to purchase more hardware.

A demo is also coming, but will not initially be available during early access.


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