I am in the process of creating a Wikipedia page for North of Earth.
If it would be possible for an employee, I would like to ask a few questions about the company.

A few starting questions I have is what is the city, state/country that NoE is based in?

How many employees does North of Earth have?
Schaumburg, Illinois in the US. It's a suburb of Chicago.

Just me. Alex Allen.
I've added you to the List of Indie Game Developers here.

Right now I am working on the actual page.

When was North of Earth Founded?

Do you have history in the game industry before you created NoE?

On another note, I need your permission to upload the logo onto Wikipedia.

If you have time, I would like to have a short history of your company.
Yes, you can upload the logo.

The company was founded in 2010, with the first release being Omegalodon in early 2012. Shortly after, I made Table for One as part of the 7dfps competition. Cult of the Wind started production in April of 2012.

Prior to founding North of Earth, I worked at three companies: Vicarious Visions (part of Activision) in Albany, 1st Playable Productions in Albany, and Robomodo in Chicago. Vocationally I'm a 3D artist and I hadn't done any programming until Omegalodon.

I have also worked on Black Mesa since 2006.
Looks like they deleted it. Might want to wait until after CotW releases.