Greenlit after four days!
That was fast!

I can't thank the community enough. I was concerned the game would fly under the radar, but instead we've achieved a Greenlight record of four days.

What's next? Now I start implementing Steamworks features - Master Server, Steam Workshop, etc. I wasn't expecting this so soon, but I'll push hard to reach Beta in the coming weeks. At that point I'm hoping for an early access release with a discount for early adopters.

Stay tuned, and watch this video while you wait.

hello !
I came to know Cult of the Wind through Greenlight, and am really interested by what i've seen so far ;
However, looking for more, i searched on youtube and found only this :
If you look at the comments below the video you'll see that nobody understands the concepts that you wanted to show through that footage.
This can be an issue that would probably cripple the popularity of your game with or without the discount you project to have for launch.
I suggest making another introduction video, or adding a voice-over to the existing one, so people can know what's going on.

Another idea i'd like you to be aware of is that your game could as a concept be appealing to some and repulsive to many others ; but if somebody can get the attention of everyone onto a game for a while and change a lot of minds, it's Pewdiepie.
He's made flappy bird famous, is now making broforce famous, and could be the stepladder CoW (don't mind if i use a nickname?) needs to shine.
I don't know how to make that happen, maybe he'll just pick up the game when it's available, or maybe the Culties (^^) will have to push him via posts on his channel, but we need that man.

Here are my thoughts,
Thank you for your time!
The official trailer is here:

The responses are much more positive.
I seem not to have looked thoroughly enough - my bad -
you've convinced me that i wouldn't be the lone player of this multiplayer game 6 months after release Smile
yet i still think a voice-over or some form of review of the game would do some good, for instance enlighten the future player with the planned features of the finished game.
found out about your game through the wow subreddit of all places.... Happy to say that I am totally onboard here, and can't wait to throw hard earned money at you!

General info question, will this game be able to run on sad gaming rigs? (Rigs that were accepted in most gaming circles as "Great" 8 years ago)
I ran it on a laptop with integrated graphics at about 30 fps. If you have any graphics hardware there shouldn't be too much of a problem. An average gaming PC today runs about 120 fps.