In game chat
I am having a small issue with the in-game chat. When pressing either enter (main or numpad) to send a message, the message is sent but a dash is added to the end. This means I can't use any of the / commands as they go through as "/help-".

EDIT: I'm running the game on Ubuntu 15.10
Wow, that's really weird. Doesn't even look like a normal hyphen, more like some random ASCII character. Do you have a standard English keyboard?

Edit: Try putting a space at the end for now.
(11-21-2015, 10:45 PM)NorthOfEarth Wrote: Do you have a standard English keyboard?

Yea my keyboard is standard 104 key UK layout. I have just done some mashing of the 'special' keys on the keyboard and I get strange behaviour with the following keys:

Main ENTER: The 'hyphen' - also submits the message.

Numpad ENTER: Looks like a Japanese 'he': - Does not submit the message.

ESC key: A semicolon.

(11-21-2015, 10:45 PM)NorthOfEarth Wrote: Edit: Try putting a space at the end for now.

Putting a space at the end of the message does not help as pressing ENTER simultaneously inserts the dash and submits the message.
Hmm...well, the fact that pressing ESC inserts a character suggest this isn't a problem with the chat parsing code. ESC is hard coded to simply close menus and nothing else.

Since 15.10 is fairly new, this might be an issue with OS/engine interaction, in which case we can only wait for a patch. Undecided

As for putting a space at the end, I meant that typing commands like "/help " or "/say hello " should work because the commands are detected by splitting the text by spaces. Extra characters at the end should be ignored, even if they are still present, for example "/help blah blah -" should parse to "/help"