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Poor FPS when joining a server - slowdown_kid - 11-18-2015

I don't know if this is a bug, but I have found no other mention of this issue and this seemed like an appropriate place to bring it up.

When I first fired up the game I hosted my own lobby just to get a feel for the controls and gameplay. It ran on highest graphics settings at 60FPS consistently without any issues. However, if I join an open server (doesn't matter which one) I'm struggling to keep it at 15FPS. Changing graphics settings seems to have no impact on this.

Anyone else having this problem? I want so badly to love this game but I can't play a MP shooter like this.

RE: Poor FPS when joining a server - NorthOfEarth - 11-18-2015

Please post the contents of 'output_log' located here:


If the file is too large to post, tell me if there are any repeating errors.