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Suggestion: textures - zeromapping - 11-18-2015

can you add more textures? like snow and autumn textures and props

RE: Suggestion: textures - NorthOfEarth - 11-18-2015

Neat idea. I'd always planned to add seasonal content, but the mapping community has been very slow. Maybe recent events will make it feasible again.

RE: Suggestion: textures - zeromapping - 11-19-2015

im mapper Angel

and i made russian localization

as models, you can add a snowman or Christmas tree
and to make x-mas uniforms

RE: Suggestion: textures - zeromapping - 11-19-2015

and one more thing, can you make invisible texture which will not be rendered? In some cases, it would help to process less surfaces.

as I understand every brush viewed as a separate object in the world, for exemple the pillar has a lower and upper surfaces that are not needed render, less surfaces - less shadow on the unnecessary surfaces (as I understandDodgy)