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Flag return bug - airplane - 05-24-2014

I was playing Cult of the wind on the public server. there was no one online in the server so i was just flying around picking up upgrades and returing the flag to the base. the first round worked perfectly. but when the map changed to skytop. i tryed to return the yellow flag to my base. it would not count as a point or dissapear from my back. i didnt do anything. when i jumped of the map and the flag respawned i tryed it again but no difference. it wasnt really a problem but i thought you guys would want to know. i don't know if it only happens on that map, or if it only happend that game. or because i was playing alone. Hope it helps

P.S. sorry for my broken english. im from holland! Big Grin

RE: Flag return bug - NorthOfEarth - 06-25-2014

Fixed in Beta 3.